Japan Aluminium Association
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Press Release

■ 10 Dec 2021 Global Aluminium Associations Welcome Renewal of the US-Japan-EU Trilateral Partnership to Address Non-Market Policies and Practices(PDF203KB) NEW!
■ 1 June 2021 Global Aluminium Associations Welcome G7 Trade Ministers Joint Communique Addressing Market-Distorting Policies and Practices(PDF165KB)
■ 12 May 2021 Joint Statement:Associations in the US, Europe, Canada and Japan Urge G7 Governments to Take Concrete Steps to Deliver More Free, Fair and Open Trade(PDF166KB)
■ 28 Sept 2020 Aluminium VISION 2050
■ 26 Mar 2020 The Long-term Vision for Global Warming Countermeasures of Japanese Aluminium Industry to 2050.
■ 16 Jan 2020 Joint Statement :Aluminium associations applaud the EU, U.S. and Japan agreement to strengthen WTO rules on industrial subsidies.
■ 28 Oct 2019 Japan Aluminium Association has joined ASI.
■ 25 Jul 2019 Joint Statement of Aluminium Associations To Urge G7 Leaders to Take Decisive Action Against Aluminium Overcapacity (PDF 223KB)
■ 20 Feb 2019 Joint statement of aluminium associations following the publication of the OECD report: "Measuring distortions in international markets: the aluminium value chain."(PDF 242KB)
■ 6 Jun 2018 Montreal Aluminium Summit Calling for a Global Aluminium Forum and an International Monitoring System (PDF 225KB)
■ 12 Apr 2018 Global Aluminum Associations Call for Global Forum on Aluminum Overcapacity (PDF 677KB)
■ 9 Mar 2018 Regarding trade restrictions on imports of aluminum under Section 232. (PDF 32KB)